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We provide internet solutions for homes and business needs through fiber optic network and also wireless technology. We are committed to provide uninterrupted high-speed internet access with reliable service to our customers. Our high-end network is designed to deliver high speeds at all times with minimal downtime.

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What We Offer

We can design an industry-specific approach to your network that supports your current and future business needs. Wimedia Networks has the expertise to help design, deploy and manage your network environment. Even the toughest network challenges are soft putty in our hands.

The mission of Wimedia Networks is to provide the highest standard of network service, attuned to the needs of our clients and backed by an exacting commitment to customer service.

To be a reliable partner, an expert whose advanced technology and services provide high quality, high performance network infrastructure solutions.

  • Network Feasibility 80%
  • NxtGen Upgradation 45%
  • Redundancy Service 95%

Our Work Flow

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Check availability in your area, if wimedia broadband services are available in your area. If not, keep in touch as we are on a spree of expanding our fiber network and will be soon coming to your neighborhood.

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wimedia – Exactly what you need! We’ll help you find the plan that’s right for you. Get rid of your fixed broadband plans and contracts today and Click the button below to create your own customized plan.

Frequently Asked Questions


Wimedia provide various type off connectivity like fibernet, wireless connectivity and copper connectivity, So that customer can choose there connectivity type as per feasible.


wimedia gives you self portal service customer can check their account details like data usage, bandwidth usage. With their respective authentication.


Of course wimedia broadband has a lot of satisfied customers. We are regularly updates & upgrades our customer lost mail as well as our network products. We are very transparent & friendly to all our customers. All so our tariff plans very reliable and cost effective.


There’s no need call our customer care for all time you can check our new plan and offer details in our web site https://wimedianetworks.com/tariff/  In case of any quires customer can call our customer care service. Ph : +91 8148123123 or mail to : support@wimedianetworks.com

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Internet in many ways, is the most prominent and without doubt is the most revolutionary findings of modern times. The world today revolves around internet and its subsidiary services. Incorporated with a vision to provide uninterrupted, world class internet service which is completely based on Fibre Optic Technology(OFC) , Wimedia Internet  has been a prominent service provider and key player in FTTH, FTTB Sector. Operating in North Chennai, India, we’ve gone to grow in trust and strength over the course of time.

Systematic operations, innovative concepts, well structured service mode, skilled technicians and prompt and quick customer care team makes us the numerous UNO choice for internet service across North Chennai. Our service operations include Internet services based on Fibre Optic Technology which can cater to individual, corporate, homes, business or any other organizational forum. We constantly work to raise the benchmarks of client involvement in the nation for all times to come.

In a team of highly skilled technicians, we have a workforce who is well experienced and are compact in actions. Our customer care unit is well diversified to handle any queries and can guide you through technical snags and there by ensuring you internet services of top class quality.  WIMEDIA BROADBAND SERVICES attempts to convey improved client experience through advancement, by utilization of forefront innovation and by broad information scattering of individuals from the accomplice eco-framework.

“Thank your customer for complaining and mean it. Most will never bother to complain. They’ll just walk away.”

-Marilyn Suttle

“If you work just for money, you’ll never make it, but if you love what you’re doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours.”

-Ray Kroc

“Customers may forget what you said but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.”



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